Technosphärenklänge #1

With Holly Herndon, Tim Hecker, Lorenzo Senni

Sun, Nov 1, 2015
8 pm
Admission: 19€/15€
Technosphärenklänge, Photo: Richard Heeks

The omnipresent world of devices is networking to form ever-larger infrastructures.

What does the Technosphere sound like? Holly Herndon, Tim Hecker and Lorenzo Senni have a variety of answers to that question for the launch of the new concert series Technosphärenklänge (Sounds of the Technosphere). Concert in the context of the music summit Ableton Loop.

Holly Herndon, © The artist

Holly Herndon reflects on our intimacy with digital media and technologies. Herndon’s critically acclaimed album Platform (2015) is based on data traces from her own domestic and digital living environment. She is bringing it back to Berlin together with an additional vocalist.

Tim Hecker, © The artist

Tim Hecker’s organic yet highly abstract compositions evoke sorrow and astonishment, euphoria and anxiety. Beyond common time regimes and the dichotomy of what has been made and what has become, they immerse listeners in a stormy ecosystem of sound.

Lorenzo Senni, Photo: Piotr Niepsuj

Lorenzo Senni perceives Rave as a complex psychosomatic machine. His compositions deconstruct Rave’s structure, shifting focus to the emotional effects of individual components like the “supersaw” synth sounds of the genre-formative Roland-JP8000.

Before and during the concert, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the video to Stor Eiglass from Squarepusher’s latest album, Damogen Furies, in conference room K1. The 360º virtual reality version was produced by Marshmallow Laser Feast.

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Part of 100 Years of Now. In cooperation with CTM and Ableton. Lorenzo Senni is supported by SHAPE, funded by the EU’s Creative Europe program.