Designing the self

Symposium: “Can design change society?”

Sat, Sep 19, 2015
11 am–2 pm
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With simultaneous translation in German and English

Tomás Saraceno, Investigations into the potentials of sky-life. Reykjavic Marathon, 2007, © Tomás Saraceno

In recent years the individual has increasingly come into focus in the design discourse, whether in the sense of self-optimisation or co-production. Societies are not only figurations of individual existences; individuals configure societies with their practices, as Norbert Elias outlined in his figurational studies. The individual existence as a design question is equally promising and perilous.

a) Concerning the Gestaltung of a “new man” in classical modernism (in art, education, industrial science and eugenics)
Margarete Vöhringer, Berlin

b) Dasein is design. Eco-relational and mental design
Henk Oosterling, Rotterdam

c) Consumption as design
Wolfgang Ullrich, Leipzig / München

d) Design as self-optimisation
Andreas Bernard, Luneburg

Presentation Heinz Bude, Kassel

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