Designing to what end?

Symposium: “Can design change society?”

Fri, Sep 18, 2015
2.15–5.15 pm
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Live video streaming at Café Global, free admission, the number of seats is limited

With simultaneous translation in German and English

Tomás Saraceno, Investigations into the potentials of sky-life. Reykjavic Marathon, 2007, © Tomás Saraceno

We begin with the question of objectives and transformation models that characterise the relationship between designers and social processes. Based on a critical retro spective of the classical avant-garde, we will look at exemplary and controversial positions in the world of today.

a) The model of the artist-engineer as redeemer
Boris Groys, New York / Karlsruhe

b) Technological Transformation
Gui Bonsiepe, Buenos Aires / Florianópolis

c) Spatial Agency
Lara Schrijver, Antwerp

d) Design and system innovations: from critique and constraints to conditions for co-creation?
John Grin, Amsterdam

Presentation Lilet Breddels, Amsterdam

The program overview