Anti-forward (2015)

Eisklares Echo (Mia von Matt and Reto Pulfer), Thirsty Moon (Ying Le and Paul Sochacki)

Sat, Oct 3, 2015
6 pm
Free admission
Eisklares Echo , © Eisklares Echo (Mia von Matt and Reto Pulfer).

Collapse right in the underflow almost pass ditch
confluence inverse folding secretion
almost indisputable drop
spin drowning the decadent ashamed shore
the latent potential extension of extension
(into the dark) words into the darkroom,
one hundred rooms away from the room and loom phase
faint, far between long and death, turbulent stream,
it’s deep, the water,
turtle turtle turtle
Aqua pudsy, bees and dolphins
quick fix the dance cage
bird spear the quill, beast waist enough.
To a quarter to noon, waving their arms,
dance their feet, the pitch of their body
it's fertile real time flavor, shaped not as labor
the song shaped out of air, unnamed state,
out of heaven and earth
into a chaotic desire,
a fire flow micro frost knot.
All she does not
rub their hands wipe tears
like a car windshield wiper swinging ring
(Mia von Matt, 2015)


Mia von Matt had finished being born
A sound and performance artist based in Berlin
This is how she came down the grottoes by taking steps of writing and music
Her practice includes arms and voices, the draft, that which escapes, focusing on process
In her recent musical collaboration, Eisklares Echo, with Reto Pulfer, it is that process of passing,
Music, fragments reassembled, finding a form hidden in disorder, unfinished
but then, at last minute no coming to an end.

Reto Pulfer was born in Bern in 1981 and currently lives in Berlin. His expansive installations of fabric sometime appear as three-dimensional expansions of abstract paintings of states, and sometimes as artful “objectivations” of the mnemotechnological architecture of visually imagined stories. The self-taught artist was recently awarded a painting scholarship from the Marianne and Hansfriedrich Defet Stiftung. In his temporal landscapes he plays with expressive performances and his own sound compositions, or musical and language improvisations. His works have been presented internationally in solo shows at Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva (2015), Hollybush Gardens, London (2013), and Nuremberg’s Kunstverein/Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft (2013).

Thirsty Moon is a tea-art group founded in 2014 by Ying Le and Paul Sochacki to learn about ancient tea and reflect on time. The "tea table" forms a natural platform for togetherness, generating conversations that encourage us to shape a universal mindfulness between the past and future. Shortly since its establishing Thirsty Moon exists also as a physical space in Berlin hosting a shop, a gallery and a tea-disco.