All Play And No Work: The Quantified Us

with: Daphne Dragona, Jennifer Whitson, Paolo Ruffino, Mark Butler

Fri, Jan 30, 2015
3–4.30 pm
Admission: 8€/5€

The panel will aim to discuss the gains and the losses of an emerging gameful world.

How does it feel when your FitBit score is taken into consideration as part of your job performance? Or when you know that your successful liked Selfies attract the attention not only of your network but also of your employers? Does this new form of playful and multilayered surveillance make us more productive and why do we willingly engage in an economy which driven by play translates everything into accelerated work? It seems that to fit in, in a world ruled by numbers , we need to become part of an endless feedback loop, constantly adjusting our image and habits to new scores and norms.

Taking into consideration the wide use of gamification and the popularity of the Quantified Self movement, the panel will look into how play can set behaviors and discuss the gains and the losses of today's gameful world. Are we experiencing a preset game-of-data where play rules through freedom or can we still count on new forms of data-play and dis-measure that can oppose the logic of a life tied to playful but continuous work?