Sun, Jun 8, 2014
Lecture Hall
3 pm
Free admission
Jonathan Perel : Las aguas del olvido, Photo: Promo

Larissa Sansour: Nation Estate
Palestine, Denmark 2012, Video, hdcam, color, 09:00 min

Gonzalo Cueto: Your Life Belongs to Me
Chile 2012, Video, hdv, color, 03:30 min

Johann Lurf: Reconnaissance
Austria 2012, Video, hdv, color, 05:00 min

Fokus Grupa: There Aren't Words for What We Do or How We Feel so We Have to Make Them Up
Croatia 2012, Video, hdv, color, 14:51 min

Jonathan Perel: Las aguas del olvido
Argentina 2013, exp. Documentary, hdcam, color, 09:00 min

Shahar Marcus: Seeds
Israel, 2012, Video, hdv, color, 05:03 min

Sarah Vanagt: Elevage de poussière
Belgium 2013, Documentary, hdv, color, 47:00 min

Larissa Sansour imagines a property project inspired by science fiction, to step out of the dead-end of the Middle East. At the borders between Chile and Bolivia, Gonzalo Cueto observes an infinite line up of stopped vehicles. In California, Johanna Lurf films the Morris Reservoir, a gigantic site composed of an artificial lake and a barricade, having served as a testing zone for submarine weaponry. Fokus Grupa interrogates the links between nature and nationalism, and explores the nuances that exist between politics and fiction. In Argentina, Jonathan Perel documents the “waters of forgetfulness”, in locations at sea where the dead of opposition during the dictatorship are found. Shahar Marcus films the antipersonnel minefields. Sarah Vanagt questions the value of images as objective witnesses of a conflict. The film registers at the heart of an international penal court for Ex-Yugoslavia at The Hague, during the trial of Radovan Karadzic.