Marcelo Gabriel (Belo Horizonte/Brazil)

Dances of the Abyss

Thu, Jun 1, 2006
8 pm
Free admission
Fri, Jun 2, 2006
10 pm
Free admission

World Premiere

Marcelo Gabriel, Dances of the Abyss, Copyright: Promo

The ‘Dances of the Abyss’ seek dialogue beyond language. A technological Shaman starts a ritual. Using simple gestures, he reveals the human essence of the individual that has long since faded into oblivion in the chaos of the cities…

Marcelo Gabriel is the enfant terrible of the Brazilian performance scene. He tears down the borders between art, society and politics. He seeks his subjects in real life and brings the reality of the streets to the stage. His "Theatre of Resistance" addresses subjects like prostitution, racism and violence and the hypocrisy of a consumer society which commercialises and trivialises the human body on the "official" art market. Marcelo Gabriel studied dance, theatre and music. He studied and worked with Kazuo Ohno (Japan), the Grupo Corpo (Belo Horizonte/Brazil), the Modern Dance School (Montreal) and the Danswerplaats (Amsterdam), among others.

An event within the framework of Focus Brasil IN TRANSIT 06 / Copa da Cultura – Brasil + Deutschland 2006