Cia. Nova Dança 4 (São Paulo/Brazil) / Dudude Herrmann (Belo Horizonte/Brazil)

Palavra, a Poética do Movimento / Um Solo para Uma Dança e Um Violão

Fri, Jun 2, 2006
8 pm
Admission: 13 €, concessions 10 €
Sat, Jun 3, 2006
8 pm
Admission: 13 €, concessions 10 €
Cia. Nova Dança 4, Palavra, a Poética do Movimento, Copyright: Edu Marin

Cia. Nova Dança 4 (São Paulo/Brasilien)
Palavra, a Poética do Movimento / The word, movement of poesy
A collective work with director Cristiane Paoli Quito

Four “languages” merge with one another in this jam session: dance, performance, music and text to create a work in which the performers are simultaneously the creators, weaving in language and movement in ever-new improvisations. The dancers’ paths cross. And whenever one changes direction, the others have to follow – or order the first to go back again...The Cia. Nova Dança, which was founded in 1996, places the performers themselves at the centre of events. Precise mastery of techniques such as contact improvisation, different ways of linking the imagination and movement in ideokinesis, and breathing exercises is the paramount instrument for creating an all-embracing consciousness of the present, both within the artist and among the audience.

Dudude Herrmann (Belo Horizonte/Brazil)
Um Solo para Uma Dança e Um Violão / Solo for dance and guitar (German premiere)
Guitar: Renato Motha

A guitarist and a dancer: the simple, basic formation. And for Dudude Herrmann it is certainly enough for her to perform her brilliant improvisations, which sometimes see her deeply engrossed in her own performance and sometimes in Renato Motha’s music. ‘My dance creates a porous existence in contact with the space surrounding my body.’ Dudude Herrmann has been dancing for thirty-four years now. She is the “Grande Dame” in Belo Horizonte’s dance scene, which is considered to be one of the best in the country. She has been running her studio since 1994: a public space for discussion on dance as well as body studies. ‘The history of your body has always been inscribed in it. You have to peel the onion.’

An event within the framework of Focus Brasil IN TRANSIT 06 / Copa da Cultura – Brasil + Deutschland 2006