Partners and Team

Part of 100 Years of Now, supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media due to a ruling of the German Bundestag

Sand in the Eyes by Rabih Mroué is a production of Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Co-produced by Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden.

Why Are We Here Now? 3 Weekends withAdania Shibli, Mohammad Al Attar, Rabih Mrouéis organized by the Department Literature and Humanities.

Artistic director: Katrin Klingan
Artists and Curators: Adania Shibli,Mohammad Al Attar, Rabih Mroué
Dramaturgy, Scenography: Janek Müller
Project Coordinator: Zdravka Bajović
Curatorial Assistant After the Wildly Improbable: Melissa CanbazProject Assistant: Amelie Buchinger Interns: Sonja Mattes, Milena Gehrt

Head of Production: Quirin Wildgen
Production Coordinator: Claudia Peters
Production Assistant: Meret Kiderlen

Program Coordinator: Doris Hegner
Program Assistant: Niklas Hoffmann-Walbeck
Management: Liona Neubert
Assistant: Anna Chwialkowska
Processing: Eva Hiller

Technical Department

Technical Director HKW: Mathias Helfer
Head of Event Engineering: Benjamin Pohl
Head of Sound and Video Engineering: André Schulz
Lightning Operations Manager: Adrian Pilling
Technical Stage Manager: Benjamin Brandt
Event Technician: Jason
Sound and Video Technicians:Simon Franzkowiak, Hardy Hartenberger
Sound Technicians: Andreas Durchgraf, Tassos Papiomytoglou
Film and Video Technician: René Christoph
Lightning Technicians: Adrian Balladore, Bastian Heide
Stage Technicians: Stephan Barthel, Lucas Kämmerer , Leonardo Rende, Patrick Vogt
Head of Exhibition Constructionand Installation: Gernot Ernst
Exhibition Construction and Installation: Oliver Büchi, Oliver Dehn, Martin Gehrmann, Stefan Geiger, Achim Haigis, Matthias Henkel, Gabriel Kujawa, Matthias Kujawa,Sladjan Nedeljkovic, Andrew Schmidt,Stefan Seitz, Elisabeth Sinn, Norio Takasugi, Christophe Zangerle

Interpretation: Susanna Bartilla,Lilian-Astrid Geese, Gert Himmler, Lioba Minz, Sebastian Weitemeier, Katrin Zimmermann
Surtitles: Yvonne Griesel and team

Department of Communications

Head: Silvia Fehrmann
Editorial Office: Sabine Willig, Anna Etteldorf, Mieke Woelky
Press Office: Anne Maier, Maren Dey, Laura Mühlbauer, Magda Löb
Internet: Eva Stein, Jan Koehler, Fabian Hartjes, Anna Jurzik, Kristin Drechsler, Tobias Lebens
Public Relations: Christiane Sonntag,Sabine Westemeier
Documentation Office: Maxime Grewe, Josephine Schlegel, Yasmin Welkenbach
Editors Journal 100 Jahre Gegenwart: Kirsten Einfeldt, Ralf Rebmann

Program Booklet

Editing: Martin Hager, Melissa Canbaz, Zdravka Bajović, Sonja Mattes, Amelie Buchinger
Translation from English to German: Lilian-Astrid Geese
Proof Reading: Mandi Gomez, Jaclyn Arndt, Mieke Woelky
Graphic Design: NODE Berlin Oslo

Haus der Kulturen der Welt is supported by the Minister of State for Culture and the Media as well as by the Federal Foreign Office.

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