Carmen Mörsch

Carmen Mörsch is the Director of the Institute for Art Education at the Zurich University of the Arts. The focus of her research is cultural education as a hegemony-critical and artistic practice, as well as the history of education in the arts from a post-colonial and queer-feminist perspective. She is a member of the international network “Another Roadmap for Arts Education”. During 2017 she is Senior Fellow of the Mercator Foundation at the Alice Salomon University Berlin. Recent publications: “Stop Slumming! Eine Kritik kultureller Bildung als Verhinderung von Selbstermächtigung” (2016), a critique of cultural education as an impediment to self empowerment and “Contact Zone (un)realised: Andere Besucher_innen als Intervention im Ausstellungsraum” (2017) on the exhibition space as a contact zone.