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Robert-Jungk-Schule with kollektiv orangotango

New Experts! | kollektiv orangotango & Robert-Jungk-Schule

In everyday life, people often talk about arriving. But what is it exactly? The students discussed the manifold aspects and forms of arriving. What difficulties are faced and how can they be met? What could make arriving in Berlin easier? The students designed their own map based on these considerations and presented it in their school.

Robert-Jungk-Schule is an integrated secondary school and German/Polish Staatliche Europa-Schule in Berlin Wilmersdorf. With Antonia Bräuer, Anna Jablonska, Liliana Affeldt, Gabriel Pietrzyk, Martyna Sajewska, Alina Daukszewicz, Patrycja Koszela, Oskar Körting, Mohammed Darkowski, Leili Haidari, Sandra Altmann, Mohamod Ibrahim, Miriam Derecznik, Julia Fryza, Mariane Gortych, Jakub Kodzik, Tristan Salzmann, Lara Skrzypacz, Lara Mosolz, Nikola Steciak and others

kollektiv orangotango has worked in the amicable environment of critical geographers since 2008. Its activities focus on critical educational work, the creation of self-organized structures and tangible social interventions, which contribute to reflection and overcoming of existing circumstances. In addition, orangotango aims to create spaces for networking and exchange between social movements, emancipatory struggles and alternative everyday practices.