Bringing Paper to Life

Mildred-Harnack-Schule with KIEZLAB (Dasha Zorkina and Josephine Freiberg)

Students from the 11th grade produced an episodic animated film. They not only learned how to bring paper characters to life, how to use traditional stop-motion techniques and to create a storyboard, but also took on migration-specific issues in the process.

Mildred-Harnack-Schule is an integrated secondary school and Staatliche Europa-Schule German/Russian in Berlin Lichtenberg.
With Jewgenia Demjanowskaja, Aljona Graf, Milena Volodovska, Anastasia Mamurina, Marten Burggraf, Jenny Lange, Gideon Ludewig, Lisa Ditsch, Cynthia Adrans, Josefa Neemann, Sarah Sonntag, Martina Sciarabba, Artom Spagini.

Kiez-Lab Berlin, founded by Josephine Freiberg and Dasha Zorkina in 2014, is a self-organized workshop collective and a network for artists and media educators. It cooperates with, among other groups, Kulturen im Kiez e.V., Jugend im Museum e.V., the German Red Cross, Landesverband Kinder- und Jugendfilm Berlin e. V. (kijufi) as well as with various schools within Berlin.

Dasha Zorkina is an art mediator and media educator. Since 2009, she has worked as a freelance artist as part of various social and political projects in Russia and Germany. Her main focuses are illustration, comics and photography. She also works as an event technician.

Josephine Freiberg studied photography and media art at the HGB in Leipzig. Since 2009, she has been working as a media educator. She deals with analog film (Super8, 16mm) and electronic music and also works as a video technician at the Theater Hebbel am Ufer.