Reclaim Your Fictions. Celebration of the Shortlist & Award Ceremony

A literary event with readings, conversations on literary material, roundtable studies, shared readings

Thu, Jul 6, 2017
6–10.30 pm
Free admission
Simultaneous translation into German and English, as well as into the respective original language

Auditorium, Roof Terrace

Reclaim Your Fictions – at the Celebration of the Shortlist the nominated authors and translators as well as the prize-winning trio will come together to present the shortlisted titles in readings and conversations on literary materials, offer insights into contexts and literary creation processes and, together with the jury members and other guests, engage in literary examinations of the present. In parallel, the old practice of reading together will be revived in Shared Readings. The focus of the evening will be on themes which must be addressed without delay: war in Aleppo, the “post-Soviet jungle“ in Ukraine, impossible encounters with witches, art curators and film stars in Singapore, the chronicle of an inexorable death in Venezuela, and grotesque-menacing metamorphoses in Seoul.

With the awardees Fiston Mwanza Mujila and Katharina Meyer & Lena Müller, the shortlisted authors and translators Hamed Abboud and Larissa Bender, Alberto Barrera Tyszka and Matthias Strobel, Han Kang, Amanda Lee Koe and Zoë Beck, Ziemowit Szczerek and Thomas Weiler, the jury members Verena Auffermann, Jens Bisky, Frank Heibert, Jens Hillje, Michael Krüger, Marko Martin & Sabine Scholl as well as Patrick Dunst and Thomas Böhm


6 pm
Opening with Bernd Scherer
A celebration's manual by Thomas Böhm

6.15–7 pm
Escape the saviors
Roundtable study & Reading with Alberto Barrera Tyszka, Matthias Strobel, moderated by Marko Martin

7–7.15 pm
Reading Die Vegetarierin
with Han Kang & Frank Heibert

7.15–7.30 pm
Reading Der Tod backt einen Geburtstagskuchen
with Hamed Abboud & Larissa Bender

7.30–8.15 pm
I prefer not to
Conversation on literary material with Han Kang, moderated by Frank Heibert

7.30–8.15 pm
Mommy said play far away till the war ends
Roundtable study with Hamed Abboud, Larissa Bender, moderated by Michael Krüger

8.15–8.30 pm
Reading Ministerium für öffentliche Erregung
with Amanda Lee Koe & Zoë Beck

8.30–8.45 pm
Reading Mordor kommt und frisst uns auf
with Ziemowit Szczerek & Thomas Weiler

8.45–9.30 pm
As far as it will go
Conversation on literary material with Ziemowit Szczerek, Thomas Weiler, moderated by Jens Bisky

8.45–9.30 pm
“Revolt, She Said”
Roundtable study with Amanda Lee Koe & Zoë Beck, moderated by Sabine Scholl

9.30–10.30 pm
Award ceremony
awarding to Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Katharina Meyer & Lena Müller for Tram 83

Laudatory speech
by Verena Auffermann & Jens Hillje

Reading Tram 83
with Fiston Mwanza Mujila & Patrick Dunst

Aloud was the only way
Conversation on literary material
with Fiston Mwanza Mujila, Katharina Meyer, Lena Müller, moderated by Frank Heibert, Verena Auffermann & Jens Hillje


7– 9.30 pm
Shared Readings
from the shortlisted books 2017
facilitated by Thomas Böhm

EPITEXT: Conversations at the Blog Bar
conducted by the EPITEXT editors with authors, translators, jury members & further guests