Forensis, Forensic Oceanography (Charles Heller, Lorenzo Pezzani, SITU Research), “LEFT-TO-DIE BOAT” | Synthetic aperture radar satellite imagery (A and B) showing the “left-to-die” boat’s drift trajectory, Photo: © Forensic Architecture and SITU Research
Forensis, Eyal Weizman (r.) with Anselm Franke, © Laura Fiorio/Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Case Studies and Talks

Further case studies will be discussed in Sunday sessions. Pakistani lawyer Shahzad Akbar will speak on the visualization of drone impacts. Lawrence Abu Hamdan will present his artistic research on EU countries’ related pseudo-forensic methods of identifying the origins of asylum-seekers by accents in their speech. Forensic anthropologist Luis Fonderbrider will explain how techniques of forensic anthropology helped locate and identify the Argentines “disappeared” during the 1976–1983 military dictatorship.