Festiwalla, © Felipe Frozza

Nov 26–29, 2014

Festiwalla 2014

Youth Theater Festival


Nov 26–29, 2014

In Cooperation

Is war really so far away? Is it relevant merely to the past or to other countries? Going beyond the remembrance marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, FESTIWALLA 2014 studies and questions acts of war from the point of view of young people

How does war come about? What are the reasons given for it – economical, psychological or political? And where are violence and danger zones to be found in our everyday lives – at school? At the labor exchange? In our own neighborhoods?

In conjunction with the fourth edition of FESTIWALLA, young theater-makers address these questions. With plays, performances, discussions, exhibitions, workshops and artistic actions, they conduct their own peace research – a quest for freedom beyond border fences and museums.

A cooperation with JugendtheaterBüro Berlin

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