WORLDTRONICS 2013 - Electronica Surprise, Frikstailers, © ZZK Records

Nov 28–Dec 1, 2013

Worldtronics 2013

Electronica Surprise

Concerts, DJ sets, workshops, Elekro-Fachmarkt

Nov 28–Dec 1, 2013

With “Teams” and “Tools,” this year's Worldtronics focuses on two strategies for creating electronic surprises.

TEAMS: Felix Kubin, up to now mainly a solo operator, joins forces with the Polish avant-garde band Mitch & Mitch. Talvin Singh enlists the aid of a range of Indian musicians in his project Shruti Sonic, which traces the links between Stockhausen and Indian classical music. Gebrüder Teichmann forge alliances with musicians from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. And Diamond Version gives voice to the Cairo connections it formed in the “Ten Cities” project.

TOOLS: Eli Gras & Truna from Barcelona modify conventional instruments to produce the sounds they want, or build new ones from scratch. Frikstailers from Buenos Aires make music with digital tools from the children’s playroom, such as Nintendo Wii controllers, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution. Finally, the British artist Nervous Squirrel presents his Owl Organ, one of a series of bizarre objects and installations which transplant the craft of instrument building into the world of art.