Global Prayers: Contemporary Manifestations of the Religious in the City

Global Prayers, Contemporary Manifestations of the Religious in the City

Editors: Jochen Becker, Katrin Klingan, Stephan Lanz, Kathrin Wildner
656 pages
ISBN: 978-3-03778-373-3, english
Price: € 35,00
Lars Müller Publishers, Nov. 2013

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Global Prayers examines questions of redemption and liberation in the cities of the world. New religious practices permeate public spaces and the cultural scenes of these metropolises. Religious communities inscribe themselves into urban life acoustically, typographically, and architecturally. They generate their own aesthetics and forms of consumption.

Urban studies as well as artistic productions have long viewed religion and urbanity as mutually exclusive. Global Prayers, in contrast, puts the case for just such reciprocal influences. The publication is based on the work of an international network of researchers as well as artists, focusing on diverse urban assemblages and religious communities. The contributions record their movements and critically engage with them.

With contributions by:
Özge Aktaş & Eda Ünlü-Yücesöy, Nezar AlSayyad, Yasmeen Arif, Adé Bantu, Jochen Becker, Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber, Regina Bittner, Filip De Boeck, Hiba Bou Akar, Thomas Burkhalter, Ayşe ÇAvdar, Aryo Danusiri, Amanda Dias, Ronald DüKer & Stefanie Peter, Alexa FäRber, David Garbin, Hengameh Golestan, Gerda Heck, Anne Huffschmid, Johannes Ismaiel-Wendt, George Jose, Katrin Klingan, Stephan Lanz, Brian Larkin, Ferdinand Mbecha, Birgit Meyer, Aernout Mik, Martijn Oosterbaan, Joseph Rustom, Sandra SchäFer, Werner Schiffauer, Surabhi Sharma, Abdoumaliq Simone, David Spero, Hidayet Tuksal, Asonzeh Ukah, Camilo José Vergara, Kathrin Wildner, Paola Yacoub