Dec 1–4, 2010

Worldtronics 2010

Electronica Surprise

Concerts, DJ sets, Electronic Trade Fair
Dec 1–4, 2010

"The title alone sounds sporty, in fact, Worldtronics is a kind of Olympics for electronic music," writes SPEX. Since its successful debut in 2007, the festival of global electronic music has been on the lookout for the most exciting musical developments from the wide electronic world beyond Europe and North America.

Worldtronics has always seen itself as a festival that explores all aspects of Electronica. Its goal is to surprise you, not confirm your expectations, which is why it showcases activities in less known, but all the more active music scenes from around the world: developments in places that don’t immediately come to mind when talking about electronic music, yet guarantee interesting stylistic innovations and trends, such as last year when the Bosphorus scene took part in the Kreuztanbul-Festival. And Worldtronics discovers new and innovative works that break the boundaries of genre, like the multi-media event by the Lappetites in 2009.

The program for 2010 is still too far away to give details about coming events, but this much can be said about a festival featuring the very latest developments: International Electro-Festivals will be invited to showcase their music scenes at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

In addition to live acts, each issue of Worldtronics provides a platform for labels, record stores, clubs, professional journals, software and hardware producers to present their music and more, for more information click on: Electronic Trade Fair. In 2009, the trade fare was as popular as the hands-on workshops, mixing and remixing demonstrations. Aside from the concerts, the meeting place will be an exciting highlight of the festival this year too.