Kálmán Balogh & The Gipsy Cimbalom Band, © Promo
Omar Souleyman, © Promo

Jul 22–Aug 13, 2010

Wassermusik: DanubeAmazonNile

Summer Open-Air Festival

Concerts, Films, Exhibition, Discussions

The first two open-air summer festivals at the Haus on the Spree revolved around South Sea flair and Caribbean sounds. This time we are sailing into the very heart of the world‘s great rivers.

The stirring water of the Danube, the Amazon and Nile splash their sound to the shores of the Spree, more precisely, with shows on Berlin's only rooftop for concerts. The film series takes up the atmosphere of the music and projects great (river) sensations onto the open-air screen.

The writing workshop Liquid Writing - Schreiben im Fluss helps you take a leap into cold water: the transition from consumer to producer of literature. And with us once again: our very own Water Radio. Our series Summer Talks provides an abundance of superfluous thoughts featuring philosopher and former sailor, Michel Serres.