Oct 21, 2006–May 12, 2007

my construction site

Five weekends at the construction site

Parties, concerts, readings, performances, debates, lectures

Until August 2007 the House of World Cultures, the building with the winged roof, will be a major construction site as it undergoes renovation. And by virtue its unfinished state, it will offer space for reflection and experimentation.

My Construction Site: five weekends that provide an opportunity to reflect on the cultural, social, political and economic preconditions and dimensions of various forms of exchange and dialogue. Das House of World Cultures is in the middle of a thoroughgoing remodeling. On this construction site, a series of events reflects central aspects of our life today from the perspective of various cultures – of the world and of knowledge. And about the according role of cultural institutions. This will be a time for trying out different kinds of artistic intervention and for experimenting in unusual encounters.

Topics for the 6 weekends
my diplomacy Saturday, 21 + Sunday, 22 Oktober 2006
with Joschka Fischer and Peter Sloterdijk among others
my house Saturday, 2 + Sunday, 3 December 2006
the relationship between mobility and architecture
my critique Saturday, 24 February 2007
on art as a means of autonomous criticism
my time on music and understanding time - 31 March 2007
with Konono No. 1, Morton Feldman: “For Philip Guston” [Trio Nexus], Toshimaru Nakamura, FM3, The Necks
my market on culture and the economics of exchange - 12 May 2007

Besides that you can take a look behind the scenes at this internationally famous Berlin landmark on tours through the construction site.

The architectural and conceptual renewal of the House of World Cultures is taking place within the context of a symbolic anniversary. September 19, 2007 is the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the Congress Hall, which was erected as a present from the United States to the people of Berlin. The inaugural program in the re-opened House of World Cultures will deal with the global changes of the last 5 decades and with developments in American cities as symbolized by New York City.