May 12, 2007

my construction site #5: my market

With my market, the House of World Cultures presents an exceptional event on its remodeling site: the future of the flea market – with a mix of advanced institutions, businesses, and labels in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, and culture – the “creative industries”.

International designers and art houses will be represented along with Berlin concept stores, record labels, and off shops. This is the market where those who stroll through the metropolis meet cultural institutions. For one day, the bank of the river Spree will become a site of economic and simultaneously cultural exchange, with tents and stands, hawkers, DJs, and an online-sales-and-swap exchange. Open for you for 12 hours.

Fundamentally, “the” market does not exist. The economist Marx already described markets as social relationships. So “the” market is always also “my” market, which results from what I manufacture and offer, produce and consume. Precisely because the market always presupposes a two-sided relationship, because it is based on a concept of exchange, many potentials for action and possibilities for change are inherent in its structure. Seen in this way, the market is not an opposite of or foil to culture, but a form of expression of cultures and cultural desires.

Make this market your market. You too can take part in “my market” as a vendor and sell whatever you would like to sell. Together with an exclusive selection of fashion labels and cultural institutions at a stand designed especially for the occasion by the architect team International Festival.

Curated by International Festival: an open, collaborative project operating between architecture and situation design. Initiated by Tor Lindstrand (Stockholm) and Mårten Spångberg (Berlin), since 2004 International Festival has developed transdisciplinary and context-related works that aim to make their viewers into participants. The spectrum ranges from developing a perfume to the public square, from the event to the educational project. At the moment, International Festival is realizing a theater structure for the Steirischer Herbst 2007.

More information about International Festival: or under +467-33-681059.


my market supported by Fritz - die Bollmannbörse and Zweite Hand .