Feb 24, 2007

my construction site #3: my critique

Bob Dylan, Wolf Biermann, the Sex Pistols, or Public Enemy: criticism is generally expressed with the spoken or written word, but the power of the word is not always great enough to express the emotionality of protest, the passion of not being in agreement. That is the time for music.

my critique on the remodeling site of the House of World Cultures brings together three generations of Berlin protest music: Ton Steine Scherben Family , the relaunch of the once feared street-fighting band that centered on singer Rio Reiser, who died so young, and that provided the sound track to the house squattings and riots of the 1970s. Kommando Stuhlgeist from the “magnetic tape” underground of communist East Germany, where forms were developed in the 1980s to express a critical stance without providing clear evidence to the omnipresent thought police. And finally K.I.Z. , the newcomer from the stable of the Berlin HipHop label Royalbunker, who express sometimes drastically, sometimes ironically how life on the streets of Kreuzberg feels in Spring 2007. For all three formations, subjectivity is the immediate starting point for criticism – as this weekend’s title indicates.

But the three acts will not only be to be seen as musicians; journalists and radio DJ Klaus Walter will also invite them to a discussion to debate the various forms of protest: What do they have in common? What role do the historical surroundings play? How much reflection is needed to express criticism? What role is played by the text, the word written in advance or improvised? How well do rage and music

Parallel and in the breaks we show the films Flüstern & Schreien - ein Rockreport and Die Erben der Scherben .