About Beauty - Exhibition programme
March 18 - May 15, 2005

An extensive programme, which includes guided tours and discussions, presents the perspectives of artists and exhibition-makers, as well as commentaries by international critics, curators and artists' colleagues.

About Beauty - Translating Acts
Dance - performace - talks
March 18 - April 14, 2005

Commissioned works and premières: the performance programme presents the results of international encounters. Using body language and choreography, dancers and choreographers from Berlin, China, Japan and India engage in a dialogue on the concept of beauty.

About Beauty - Beauty Politics
March 10 - May 14, 2005

Within these thematic projects, cultural and historic aspects of beauty as well as aspects of beauty in everyday life will be explored in an experimental way that leaves room for action and reflection. Filmmakers, architects, musicians, designers, etc., both exhibit or perform their works and use them as a basis for more general, and informal, comments on beauty.

About Beauty - Am I beautiful?
Children and Youth programme
April 12 - May 13, 2005

"Am I beautiful?" For many young people, this question signals the beginning of an intense search for criteria to define what is beautiful. The Youth Programme is devoted to one of the decisive themes of aesthetic education.