Florian Sievers

Florian Sievers is a Berlin-based journalist for economics but writes as well about music and art, mostly for magazines such as Spex, Dummy and enorm. He is an avid record collector and has delved deep into the African roots of Northern hemisphere dance music genres from Hip-Hop to Techno, having done on the ground research from Lagos, Nigeria to Luanda, Angola. At the moment he is working on a documentary movie about Addis Ababa’s Azmari culture, runs a party series in Berlin titled Bomaye! with contemporary club music from urban Africa and is co-editing the book Ten Cities about the history of club culture, public sphere and urban spaces in five African and five European cities.

As of March 2019

Publications & Contributions:

Pop 16 – 100 Jahre produzierte Musik
100 Years of Now Library
Editors: Detlef Diederichsen and Florian Sievers