Rimini Protokoll

Rimini Protokoll, a team of author-directors, have been working since the year 2000 in the fissures between reality and fiction on their “theater of experts,” which positions regular people at the center of their work as “experts.” Individually or collectively, Helgard Kim Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel work to continuously develop the tools of the theater to enable unusual perspectives on our reality between the stage and the public space. For example, Haug, Kaegi and Wetzel declare a Daimler shareholders’ meeting to be a theatrical play. Or they stage 100% of a city using 100 statistically representative residents of cities like Berlin, Zürich, London, Melbourne, Tokyo and Philadelphia. In Berlin and Dresden, they developed accessible Stasi audio plays in which the observation protocols could be listened to on smartphones. With Chinchilla Arsehole, eyey, they staged a theater play with three persons affected by Tourette snydrome on control options, verbal attacks and the question of what normality is. In the four productions Staat 1–4 at HKW, set out to explore fields outside of what can be organized and controlled by the nation-state today.

Rimini Protokoll have received numerous awards, most recently, for example, the Silver Lion of the 41st Biennale for Performing Arts in Venice in 2011 for their complete works, the 2014 Deutsche Hörspielpreis from the ARD and the Grand Prix of the Swiss Theater Encounter in 2015. Deadline (2004), Wallenstein – A documentary-play (2006), Situation Rooms (2014) and recently Chinchilla Arsehole, eyey (2020) have been invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen.

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As of February 2020