Audio – 1:31:57

Vanishing Points of Memory

The Holocaust and Colonialism in Contemporary Discourse With Natan Sznaier, moderated by Hanno Hauenstein German original version Book presentation, talk, Apr 28, 2022

Audio – 1:19:24

The Nomadic Curriculum – A Manual Series

With Stefan Aue, Beatrice von Bismarck, Chiara Figone, Kayfa ta (Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis), Lama El Khatib, Margareta von Oswald and Jonas Tinius English original version Mar 26, 2022

Audio – 0:19:03

when tekkno turns to sound of poetry (German)

With Bettina Allamoda, Elfe Brandenburger, Sabeth Buchmann, Christin Lahr, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and many more German original version Mar 25, 2022

Audio – 0:36:04

Wrap-up mit Übung am Phantom (German)

With Eva Peters, Monika Rinck and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus German original version Mar 25, 2022

Audio – 1:19:59

They Are There, Sometimes

With Data Chigholashvili, Nino Kvrivishvili and an introduction by Nina Akhvlediani English original version Mar 25, 2022