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    Mon, Nov 17, 2014
    8–9.30 pm

    An Ecosystem of Excess

    Anthropocene Art Change Culture Discourse Knowledge Production Nature Research Forum (...)
    Research Forum Presentation and Art & Science Talk
    Anthropocene Curriculum

    Anthropocene Curriculum

    corpus of experimental research, field studies, and educational and participatory formats. The curriculum (...)
    Research Forum

    Wed, Nov 19, 2014
    8–9.30 pm

    The Otolith Group

    audiovisual research into the geopoetics of prediction and premonition that claim to detect the earthquakes of (...)
    Research Forum Presentation and Artist Talk
    Anthropocene Curriculum | Campus 2014: The Anthropocene Issue

    The Anthropocene at HKW

    -curriculum.org served as a research platform for the international network. As the Anthropocene at HKW comes to a (...)

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