How to Narrate War? Web 2.0

Majeda al-Saqqa, Bente Scheller, Carolin Emcke

Sat, Feb 22, 2014
Exhibition Hall 1
4 pm
Admission: Two day ticket 12/10 EUR, day ticket 8/6 EUR, single ticket 5/3 EUR

On the significance of Web 2.0: What does it mean when professional journalists lose their interpretive monopoly as observers of war? How are the new media used by warring parties themselves?

Panel discussion with Majeda al-Saqqa, Bente Scheller and Carolin Emcke

Majeda al-Saqqa is an author and blogger from the Gaza Strip. She is a member of the Cultural and Free Thought Association in Khan Yunis.

Bente Scheller is the head of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Beirut. She holds a doctorate in political science and is an expert on Foreign and Security Policy. She worked from 2002 to 2004 at the German Embassy in Damascus. From 2008 - 2012 she directed the Office of hbs Afghanistan in Kabul. Recently her book The Wisdom of Syria's Waiting Game. Foreign Policy under the Assad has been published in London.

Carolin Emcke
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