Conversation, Performance, and Video-Screening

Bios:Zoë. Bioart im Kontext von Performance

Lucie Strecker, Klaus Spiess

Wed, Dec 4, 2013
7 pm
Free admission

What do art and science have in common and what distinguishes them from one another? Over the course of three evenings, stipendiaries of the UdK Berlin (University of Art) discuss this question with their guests.

How are the body and its cells, animals, bacteria, viruses and genes capitalized using machines? How do these factors achieve utility values by serving as “biomedia”? What role can be attributed to them in BioArt and performance respectively?

The performance by the collective Bios:Zoë (Strecker/Spiess), staged as a Spitparty, addresses the effects of neo-liberal capitalization of “life itself”, of genetics, of biopolitics and of the theater.

The performance is followed by a discussion between the director and artist Lucie Strecker, the professor of art and science and medical doctor Klaus Spiess, the BioArtist Thomas Feuerstein, the philosopher, cultural, literary and theater scientist Kai van Eikels, the cultural scientist and dramatic adviser Maximilian Haas and the political scientist Gabriele Michalitsch. Together, they explore questions arising from the increasingly shifting boundaries of the body, identity and the collective.