Cumbia All Stars

V.S.O.P. Chicha

Fri, Aug 2, 2013
8.30 pm
Admission: Evening ticket 12/8 €, film only 5/3 €
Cumbia All Stars, © Guillermo Vilcherrez

Chicha is an ambiguous word. Originally the term for a cheap alcoholic drink made from corn, it stood for an entire culture in late-1960s Peru – pejoratively or proudly, depending on one’s class perspective. The most high-profile product of chicha culture was the Peruvian version of cumbia, which placed the electric guitar front and center and took on increasingly psychedelic undercurrents. The members of the Cumbia All Stars helped shape the development of chicha music – in bands such as Juaneco y su Combo, Los Diablos Rojos, Los Beta 5, Los Riberenos, and Los Girasoles. While they might favor the term cumbia huaracha, the ingredients of their sound are the same as in the wild period after 1968: delirious electric guitars, the syncopated groove of a four-piece rhythm section, and a free spirit that famously follows a swinging derriere. First European tour!

Cumbia All Stars are following the concert by Ramiroquijano (7 p.m.)