HKW Wissensclub #3

The Blue Planet – The History of an Image

Conversation with Anselm Franke

Fri, May 31, 2013
5 pm
Free admission

What happened when humankind saw planet earth for the first time? What effects do iconic images such as the blue planet or the atomic mushroom cloud over Hiroshima have on our perceptions? How did it come about that romantic tradition and belief in progress shared a symbiosis in the California of the 1970s?

In HKW Wissensclub # 3, curator Anselm Franke and Silvia Fehrmann discuss and explain why images and ideas from 1970s California continue to influence our society to this day. If you are interested in new questions from the realms of art and scholarship, HKW.Wissensclub is just for you.

Moderation: Silvia Fehrmann