Metabolic Kitchen: Time to Cook

Culinary intervention by raumlaborberlin

Thu, Jan 10–Sun, Jan 13, 2013
Thu, Jan 10, 2013
5 pm
Admission free
Fri, Jan 11, 2013
1 pm
Admission free
Sat, Jan 12, 2013
10.30 am
Admission free
Sun, Jan 13, 2013
10.30 am
Admission free
Illustration: Benedikt Rugar

For the opening of The Anthropocene Project, raumlaborberlin presents an architectonic culinary intervention that approaches social relations as metabolic processes.

Spread across the HKW Foyer, the Metabolic Kitchen consists of various situational arrangements in relation to the preparation and consumption of food. Here artists and scientists, cooks and diners encounter one another. Amidst the multi-stage processes of food manufacturing, visitors can fortify themselves with arguments and viewpoints from a sensory perspective.

raumlabor is a collaboration who has been working since 1999 on the thematic interface between city and community, architecture, art, and public space. Working together with artists, planners, and sociologists, raumlabor creates urban situations that offer new narratives and visions to the city, approaching space as a product of social activity and the city as a site of transformation.

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