Paola Yacoub: portrait-robot

A film (work in progress) by Pascale Féghali

Fri, Apr 20, 2012
7 pm
Free admission

in English

Pascale Féghali, Bar Charles Helou, Beirut, 2012

Screening with extra-scenic commentary by Pascale Féghali and Paola Yacoub

It is a film project, a report tracing an image of Paola Yacoub. It is an identikit (portrait-robot) picture that is built in fine touches through the peregrinations of the artist in the city of Beirut. Does this image really exist? Should we look for it, find it or create it by using the cinematographic time-framing, in the tradition of the French cineaste Jean Rouch, a mixture of exploratory cinema and cinema plaisir.

HDV format. Time: about 105 min.