Lectures & Panel

A Sound Civilization

With Ann Cotten, Lonnie Holley, Duduzile L S Mathonsi, moderated by Natasha A. Kelly

Sun, Nov 13, 2022
Restaurant Weltwirtschaft
4.45 pm
Free admission

All talks in English

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Fictional spaces thrive on the power of words and their sounds. In 2019, Ann Cotten published Lyophilia, a collection of science fiction short stories in which at times every thought becomes reality. Her lecture Turning Knobs, Hesitatingly: Interfaces and Dithering explores the normative power of language and technical interfaces between control, music and corporeal knowledge. Journalist and performer Duduzile L S Mathonsi’s contribution is dedicated to the importance of conceptual spaces, poetically and critically underpinning the claim We All Should Be Re-imagining to Imagine. Afterwards, Cotten and Mathonsi will talk with musician and visual artist Lonnie Holley, who will also present his first directorial work I Snuck Off the Slave Ship on the festival Saturday before his concert. Their conversation about the possibilities of a Sound Civilization will be moderated by Natasha A. Kelly.