Annea Lockwood: bayou-borne, for Pauline (2016)

crys cole, Oren Ambarchi, Michiko Ogawa, Werner Durand, Emilio Gordoa, Sam Dunscombe

Sat, Oct 23, 2021
8.30–9 pm
Evening ticket starting at 7 pm: 13€/10€ (3 concerts)
At this time, the GGG rule (tested-vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event. More about Covid-19 admission regulations
bayou-borne, for Pauline (2016), graphic score

Sound artist Annea Lockwood knows a thing or two about distance, having once traveled hundreds of miles along the Hudson River to create a legendary “sound map.” The score for her composition bayou-borne, for Pauline – written for the artist Pauline Oliveros – consists of a map, supplemented by instructions, on which six of the slow-moving bayous that give the piece its title are marked. Corresponding to the course of each bayou, the six performers of the composition for woodwinds, voice and percussion move towards each other from different points of the HKW and, guided by musician crys cole, gradually find their way to each other like river branches.