Freak de l’Afrique Soundsystem with DJ Nomi & Ukai

Batila & The DreamBus, Adi Amati

Fri, Jul 23, 2021
8 pm
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Open-air on the roof terrace

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DJ Nomi & Ukai, © Jennifer Tuffour

8pm Adi Amati
8.30pm Batila & The DreamBus
9pm Freak de l’Afrique Soundsystem with DJ Nomi & Ukai

In cooperation with Freak de l’Afrique

Freak de l’Afrique Soundsystem with DJ Nomi & Ukai

Founded in 2012, the Afro-German collective Freak de l’Afrique has established itself far beyond the borders of Berlin, countering droning prejudices with multifaceted music. At 21 Sunsets, it is represented by a sound system which brings together two eclectic selectors: DJ Nomi skillfully mixes hip-hop, dancehall and Afrobeat while Ukai focuses on Afro house and Afro tech. Their sets translate the cultural and political claim of their collective into music and dance movement.

Batila, © Oliver Ajkovic

Batila & The DreamBus

Batila grew up hearing a blend of urban Congolese music, reggae, rock and pop and processes this early learning in songs that negotiate political issues over gripping rhythms. His debut album Tatamana, recorded with the band The DreamBus in Berlin, Paris and Kinshasa, can be seen as a journey through space and time: It mediates between the cities and musical cultures just as it brings the past into the present to forge a forward-looking sound.

Adi Amati , © Mad Fox Production

Adi Amati

“Lass mich nicht aufhalten / Habe meine Träume, Ziele / Und davon, und davon / Und davon sehr, sehr viele,” sang Adi Amati in 2017 on the track Afropunk of her EP Weltenkind. The singer’s music is ambitious and versatile. For her, the styles of trap, neo-soul and Afrobeat don’t merely coexist, but set each other in motion. Another result of these life-affirming empowerment hymns: You simply have to dance.