Matthew Herbert + s t a r g a z e: Alone

Fri, Nov 13, 2020
Fri, Nov 13, 2020
Cancelled, digital version early December

Performed by Mayah Kadish, violin

“Be embraced, you millions!?” As if! Instead, Beethoven year 2020 became one of physical and social (self) isolation. Even before lockdowns and quarantines, however, electronic musician Matthew Herbert and the s t a r g a z e orchestra had countered the composer’s iconic work with an updated interpretation called Beethoven NEIN! For The Disappearance of Music, violinist Mayah Kadish performs the first movement of the Ninth Symphony Alone, just as the title promises. The orchestra is only represented by samples, which, according to an arrangement by André de Ridder, accompany Kadish as she rises from first to the only violin.

Beethoven NEIN! (2020) First movement for solo violin, sampler, loop station
Mayah Kadish, violin
André de Ridder, arrangement
Matthew Herbert, electronics
s t a r g a z e, sample recordings