Guided Tour for Families

Through the exhibitions “Love and Ethnology” and “Spectral-White”

Sun, Nov 17, 2019
3 pm
Sun, Dec 15, 2019
3 pm
In German

For people 8 years and older

Free admission for visitors under 16 years of age
For adults: 3€ / 1,50€ plus exhibition ticket
Maximum of 15 participants
Heriberto “Eddie” Alicea, Building the Community, 1980. © Heriberto “Eddie” Alicea / Artmakers Inc., NYC / CITYarts Inc., Foto: Heriberto “Eddie” Alicea

Getting to know people is exciting, but sometimes it can be complicated. Children may be the best at it: When you’re young, you’re more open to things and, above all, you ask questions. But as you grow older, you ask fewer questions because you think you already know a lot: from stories told by parents or teachers, from books, television or the Internet. Often, asking questions helps you learn from people who live very differently than you do – and we usually think the way we live is “normal.” What experiences can one have while traveling? How do you get to know people in other places? How do they see the travelers? And how do we manage to understand each other better if we grew up very differently?

These are the kind of questions that are asked during the guided tour for families of the current exhibitions at HKW. The guided tour for children ages 8 and older and their companions starts in the exhibition Love and Ethnology, before continuing its investigations in the Spectral-White exhibition.

With art educators Marcel Braun and Corinna Wilms

In the guided tour for families with children ages 8 and older, Marcel Braun and Corinna Wilms lead guests to specific displays in the exhibition to discuss them age-appropriately. The general age recommendation for the exhibition is, however, 12 years and up. It contains two phallic representations – one is more abstract as a colorful costume, one more explicit in a photograph of an erect penis. The guides do not comment on these exhibits. However, if the children show an interest in them on their own, the art educators will talk about the phenomenon of phallic representations in (world) art in an age appropriate way. Therefore, we recommend adhering to the age recommendation of the tour – 8 years and older – and assume that you agree with the described procedure.