The Last Angel of History

D: John Akomfrah, GB/DE 1995, 48 min, Engl. OV

Sat, Mar 23, 2019
Lecture Hall
1.30 pm
Free admission
English original version
The Last Angel of History, 1995, video still, © Smoking Dogs Films; Courtesy Smoking Dogs Films and Lisson Gallery

Speculative sci-fi documentary: A “data thief” from the future searches for fragments of Pan-African history

A “data thief” from the future travels back through space and time. Searching for the key to his future, he discovers fragments of Pan-African past and present. The sci-fi documentary by John Akomfrah and Edward Goerge (Black Audio Film Collective), a meta-commentary on music, space, the future, technology and diaspora, picks up and continues lines of Afro-futurism: archival video footage, fictional narrative and interviews – with George Clinton, Nichelle Nicols, DJ Spooky, Goldie, Kodwo Eshun, Samuel R. Delany and others – combine to form a speculative narrative. The film is considered one of the most influential video essays of the 1990s.