Salon für Ästhetische Experimente

#7: Archipelago Archives Exhibit 4: Cultures of Knowing/Knowing of Cultures

Mon, Nov 20, 2017
7 pm
Free admission
In English
Prambanan Temple Complex, Central Java (Indonesia), © Kiran Kumar

The salon becomes a (multi) media installation! Notes, photographs and writings from art and anthropology are juxtaposed in order to recognize the similarities and differences between these two cultures of knowledge. The resulting gesture invents dances to dance on an imaginary archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

With Kiran Kumar, Kiwi Menrath and Daniela Hahn

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Salon für Ästhetische Experimente is a collaborative project with the Graduate School at the Berlin Center of Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences at Berlin University of the Arts. The Graduiertenschule is supported by the Einstein Stiftung Berlin.