Ho Rui An: DASH

Fri, Apr 21, 2017
8.30 pm

Opening with footage of an accident captured from a dashcam, the performance considers how the accident—or crisis—becomes legible in a risk-managed and financially hedged era.

Of special interest is the logic of “horizon scanning” that undergirds the foresight programs of the Singapore government. As a crucial node along the electronic circuits of global finance as well as the sweaty regional routes crossed by disenfranchised migrant labor, Singapore is held up in the lecture as a privileged site. In this location, the disturbances or “weak signals” that crop up on the horizon are attended to, from which a fantastic speculative economy—populated by the likes of “black swans” and “dragon kings”—is produced to affirm some narratives while extinguishing others.

With Ho Rui An