D: Kaushik Mukherjee (Q), India 2010, 85 min, German subtitles

Sun, Aug 2, 2015
10 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (4 concerts + film + DJ Dialog) 10€/8€, Film only 6€/ 4€
Open-Air on the roof terrace
Gandu, film still, © Promo

A radical antithesis to mainstream Indian cinema

Gandu is twenty years old and lives with his mother in Kolkata. He spends his days in an Internet café, with drugs, porn films and aimless wanderings, giving vent to the frustration of his dismal existence in aggressive rap lyrics. As he comes in contact with heroin through his best friend, a rickshaw driver with a Bruce Lee obsession, the drug trips become more frequent and he increasingly loses himself in a dream world.

In this film from director Kaushik “Q” Mukherjee one taboo is broken after another - filmed in black and white, with radical edits and explicit sex scenes. In India this anti-Bollywood film has been banned.