Mestres da Guitarrada


Sat, Jul 8, 2006
8 pm
Admission for both concerts at this evening: 5 € (free entrance to the exhibitions included)
Mestres da Guitarrada , Copyright: Promo

In the 1980s, this kind of music was popular across the globe: Lambada. Actually, this fusion of musical styles is called Guitarrada. It centres on the electric guitar, which is joined by the bass and drums. Together, they combine the rhythmic and melodic echoes of the large Brazilian drum, the Carimbó, with the Brazilian Tango Maxixe and the Merengue. The pivotal figure among the three masters of the Guitarrada is Mestre Vieira de Barcarena, who made his own amplifier almost sixty years ago. Seventeen hit LPs later, this is no longer necessary.

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