with: Brendan Howell, An Mertens

Fri, Jan 30, 2015
Hirschfeld Bar
6.30–8 pm
Free admission

Presentation & performance of artistic experiments in the shadowy zones of correlating practises.

Dick Reckard, An Mertens, Brendan Howell and Catherine Lenoble will present some ideas developed during ’Cqrrelations’ (pronounce crummylations, querylations…), the latest Constant work session in Brussels. The work session was inspired by their work with Algolit, the Constant workgroup which deals with the intersection of text, language and code. They experimented amongst other things with text analysis tools developed by researchers from CLiPS at the University of Antwerp. The session used datasets built from large corpora of natural language to build systems that can accurately guess the gender and age of writers and even find probable lies in written text. After the presentation they will perform the Markov Chain algorithm using analog techniques.