Mart'nália + Chico Buarque

Stars of Música Popular Brasileira

Fri, Jun 16, 2006
9.30 pm
Sold out
Chico Buarque, Photo: Bruno Veiga , Copyright: Promo


Samba is Mart’nália’s natural element: the wild singing of Carneval, ballads, jazzy song, and Afro-Brazilian partying. She definitely offers the best dance music. The voice of the singer from Rio is smoky, unstrained, and combines nonchalance and yearning. “She makes us feel that every joy and every worry can be lived in beauty,” rhapsodizes the New York Times – and is 100 percent right.

Chico Buarque

For the first time in six years, the Brazilian singer-songwriter legend is back on stage: and fans are coming all the way from Brazil to see him. Since 1966, Chico Buarque has been a lodestar of the Música Popular Brasileira. This poet has repeatedly played a central role in the cultural and political life of his country, and many of his songs became anthems of resistance in the era of the military dictatorship. In Brazil, Chico Buarque is thus John Lennon and Bob Dylan at the same time – and even better known. His Brazilian pop reaches all segments of his countrymen – and that is 165 million people.

The concert is sold out. To give as many fans as possible the chance to listen to Mart’nália's and Chico Buarque's music a live screening at the foyers's big screen has been organized. Another 500 people can watch the performances there - and it's free entry!