Datafied Research: Capture Weather - A Talk About the Weather

with: Eric Snodgrass, Fran Gallardo, Minka Stoyanova, Christian Ulrik Andersen, Jane Prophet

Thu, Jan 29, 2015
Hirschfeld Bar
11 am–12.30 pm
Free admission

This panel, featuring participants of the Datafied Research PhD workshop, will consist of a conversation about that ubiquitous conversation starter: the weather.

"How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?” Rodgers and Hammerstein, The Sound of Music, RCA Victor, 1965. CD.

Including the serving of some specially crafted “weather drinks,” audience members will be invited to playfully engage in discussions that touch on such concepts as data and weather, climate and weather, war and weather, forecast and uncertainty. In an age of cloud computing and umbrella revolutions, how might seemingly pervasive but nevertheless locally situated issues around weather be seen to hint at a dialogue on the festival’s main theme of CAPTURE ALL?