Film & Discussion

kids&teens@HKW: Otelo Burning

D: Sara Blecher, Feature film, ZA 2011, 97 min

Fri, Aug 29, 2014
10 am

o.v. English/Zulu, subt. English

Otelo Burning, film still, Photo: Promo

Screening and discussion for school classes with Stefanie Schlüter and Thabo Thindi.

Durban 1989: For sixteen-year-old Otelo Buthelezi and his friends from a township, surfing is the greatest—it represents freedom and a possible means of escaping everyday poverty and racism. Tragedy strikes and on the day of Mandela’s release from prison Otelo must decide between a surfing career and his own belief in political justice.

Thabo Thindi is a South African Berlin based independent filmmaker and live performer. Winner of the 2012 best cinematography award for the “48 Hour Film Project Berlin”. He is currently performing on stage in German theatres in Athol Fugard’s “Blood Knot”.
Thabo Thindi is the founder and director of hub, which produces – amongst multiple other projects – an online TV channel called The vision of is to serve as a multimedia communication platform and voice of Africa in Germany. Its aim is to play a fundamental role in the representation of Africans, developing and documenting African related content across Germany.
Thabo Thindi is also the director and producer of “Exile Faces”; an interview series in which he documents the life stories of South Africans who fled their home country during the apartheid era and for different reasons continue to live in Germany; to this day remaining in a state of Exile.