Thu, Jun 5, 2014
Lecture Hall
9 pm
Free admission
Taiki Sakpisit : A Ripe Volcano, Photo: Promo

Kasper Akhøj, Tamar Guimaraes: A Família do Capitão Gervasio
Denmark, Brazil 2013, exp. Documentary, 16mm, black and white, 14:00 min

Daniela Delgado Viteri: Monstruo
Ecuador, Argentina 2013, exp. Film, 16mm, black and white, 15:06 min

Jean Taek Park: One Rainy Night
South Korea 2013, Video, hdcam, color, 10:01 min

Taiki Sakpisit: A Ripe Volcan
Thailand 2011, exp. Film, hdcam, color, 15:15 min

Sunghoon Yu: Dancing in the 10 Homes
South Korea, Kuwait 2013, Video, hdv, color, 16:50 min

Patricia Reinhart: Ein Nachtstück
Austria, France 2012, Video, hdv, black and white, 05:10 min

Nicolas Carrier: Old School
France 2012, Video, hdv, color, 08:12 min

Kasper Akhøj and Tamar Guimarães create a portrait of a community of medians and spirits, a small town of 200 inhabitants, at the heart of Brazil. The film makes reference to a map that lists over twenty astral towns in Brazil. Parallel to the terrestrial towns, they become perfect. Daniela Delgado Viteri executes a parallel between the state of sleep and the imminence of mysterious acts of violence. Jean Taek Park films a mal incapable of feeling at home, the movements of the air and the space resonate with his emotions. Taiki Sakpisit portrays the city of Bangkok, through two specific sites, marked by the violent history of the country, symptomatic of a country that is emotionally devastated. Sunghoon Yu shows a man dancing in ten homes. Particia Reinhart suggests a nocturnal triptych achieved through still images. Architectural elements and public space images describe a post-apocalyptic world. Nicolas Carrier films an ancient school used by a collective of artists during the 1990s through the 2000s before being recovered by the city for an urbanism project.