Live from Rio de Janeiro: The World Cup for Who?

Tue, Jun 17, 2014
8 pm
Free admission
In English
Child in the favela Metrô-Mangueira, Rio de Janeiro, Photo: Mídia NINJA

Giselle Tanaka, city planner, research professor at the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning at the Universidade do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in conversation with Silvia Fehrmann

In a live hook-up, the two participants discuss the political and social dimensions of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the effects of such mega-events on societies in transition, such as in Brazil? One example is Rio de Janeiro: The city planner Giselle Tanaka got involved in the civil rights movement from ‘Vila Autódromo’, which was formed in resistance to plans to forcibly evict the community to make room for a an Olympic Park and a property development. Tanaka, in partnership with the UFRJ, proposed an alternative model to the forced urbanization of her community. She will report on social movements and alternatives and on the situation just a few days after the World Cup has kicked off in Brazil.

In cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation