Generation 14plus

Mon, Feb 10, 2014
5.30 pm
Admission: 4 €, groups of at least 5 people who register by phone: 2,50 € per person
Berlinale, Generation 2014, Galore, DIRECTOR: Rhys Graham, AUS 2013, © Rhys Graham

Regie: Rhys Graham

Australia 2013, 103 Min, English

It’s a dry, hot summer. Clouds of smoke rise from the mountains and before long forest fires will encroach on the houses. Billie and Laura have known each other for ages. The two girls spend a lot of time together, painting each other’s toenails and talking about everything – or almost everything. For Billie has started sleeping with Laura’s boyfriend Danny, secretly in the car parked on the riverbank. Neither of them has the courage to tell Laura what’s going on. And they so much want to do the right thing. The teenagers have fun at the bathing place, and hang out at night in parking lots and at parties. The music is wild and loud, the alcohol flows and joints are passed around. From time to time someone goes on a bender. Billie and Danny can hardly bear to keep their hopeless love under wraps. Dazed and confused one night, Billie decides to steal a car at a party, just for fun. Rhys Graham’s cinematic debut is a tense drama about an eternal triangle that stays very close to his young protagonists